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Dr. Claudette Aubert will serve as the Executive Director for GGCA. Dr. Aubert holds a BA in Speech, Speech and Hearing Therapy from Nicholls State University. She also holds a Master of Education in Learning Disabilities from Nicholls State University and a doctorate from Trinity Christian University. Dr. Aubert is a certified Louisiana teacher with specialties in the areas of Speech, Speech and Hearing Therapy, Learning Disabilities, Counseling, Supervision, and Educational Diagnostics.

Dr. Aubert has served as an evaluator for the Louisiana Teacher Assessment and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S). Dr. Aubert’s educational training and experience working with special needs students will be extremely critical to working with the at-risk students GGCA will serve.

Dr. Aubert has worked in various leadership roles while employed with Ascension Parish School Board, she worked as a Vocational Coordinator in the district office to implement vocational programs to the high school students and career development for 8th grade programs. She was directly responsible for paraprofessional and conflict resolution trainings, etc. as an IEP Coordinator, and supervised counselor interns from various universities.










Ms. Stephanie Johnson is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters, an author, teacher, and administrator. In preparation for her life’s journey, she earned an Associate’s Degree in Theology, a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s in Educational Leadership and is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

She worked for more than 3 three years in one of Louisiana’s youth incarceration facilities, mentoring the youngest and most troubled of her community.  Later, she owned and operated her own private preschool with an emphasis on teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten aged children to read and write. After years of operating her preschool, she began teaching in the public school system, where she excelled and earned many awards for outstanding leadership, teacher, service and student achievement.  She has proven herself as a quality educator and lover of children.












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