GGCA Vision

GGCA focuses on a flexible, engaging, and rigorous educational community that promotes self- advocacy, fosters positive social interaction and provides students with the necessary academics and life skills to ensure their successful transition and integration into the high school grades in the community. GGCA will encourage all stakeholders to participate in the education and creation of our students into the future leaders based on the social and economic needs of the community.

            Our mission will be communicated through the news media, community awareness meetings, newsletters, email, technology, parents, students, our board and school leaders. Our school will bring about positive student outcomes by establishing a culture of quality relationships among staff, teachers, and students and by extending those relationships into the homes and the communities. The school’s website and all written communications will include our mission statement which will be posted and articulated throughout the school to help provide a culture of connectivity by developing strong and valuable relationships with the surrounding communities. Every aspect of our mission will be reviewed and evaluated frequently to ensure our adherence to its principles.

           The GGCA expects to predominantly serve a population who have heretofore been underserved and who disproportionately make up those youth who become dropouts, delinquents, and end up in low- paying and low skilled jobs. The vision of GGCA is to create a culture and learning environment that will level the academic playing field for this population and help them to:

  • Persist to graduation and not become a dropout

  • Not become a delinquent assigned to the criminal justice system

  • Leave GGCA ready for high school, careers, and beyond

  • Be well adjusted mentally, socially, and physically